Welcome to IZ Production.

Thank you for visiting our HP. Please allow me to introduce our company IZ production Co., Ltd and its services.

IZ production was founded in the year 2005 when myself Keiichi Izawa left one of the largest Advertisement and Event Company in Japan after 20years of service and experiences, in order to propose a better service in Japan market. April 2005, we started from a scratch and within just a decade time we grew to more than 200 million yen in its sales. We deeply like to thank our customers in Japan for their kindest support and cooperation.

Now we are only 4 years away from the second summer Olympic games to be held in Tokyo and we realize that so many companies based in overseas are trying to either attend exhibition show or hold sales promotion meeting in Japan. Since I have 30 years, and my company has more than 10 years of experience in this market, we thought we are now ready and glad to offer our good service to foreign-based customers who newly wish to come into Japan market.

Exhibitions, seminars, promotions, sales, commendation, ceremony, party and any kind of events you wish to hold in Japan we are ready to help you from basic planning up to final operation. Since we are engaged deeply in event businesses, it is not avoidable for us to work on Sundays and or holidays and it is also very natural that our works run in to mid night or until very early morning. However, we are always very much encouraged and feel very happy when we hear our customers say to us “Arigato” which means “Thank you” in Japanese.

We all know there is no “Easy-work”, but I believe still we can change such “Hard-work” to a “Happy-work” depends on how we mentally face to the “Hard-work”. Our company slogan is “Every work leads us to fun!” I believe, if we happily complete our job and satisfy our client it could give us a good motivation that leads us to our next “Pleasant-work”.

I thank you for visiting our HP and I am very much looking forward to work with you soon.
Best regards, CEO Keiichi Izawa.


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