Q1: Is exhibition booth expensive?

We plan and design your booth according to your basic idea and wihtin your budget.
First we gather all information about your exhibition contents, amount of exhibits and listen carefully to your idea on your exhibition booth.

Q2: There are many applications we must file but we do not know how to file.

Please don’t worry, we IZ Production can take care of all the paper works you need to file.
Electric consumption filing, dangerous materials filing, construction supplier filing, there are many pre-filing works requested by Exhibition venue but we IZ Production, can take care of all the filings you need.

Q3: How the ins and outs of exhibit goods be taken care at Exhibition venue?

It can be all arranged by IZ Production according to your requested time and date.
Your exhibits can be brought in to the booth one day prior to the exhibition-opening date.
We are also available to receive your exhibits on your behalf at the exhibition site if you are not available to receive it by your own staff.

Q4: How can we arrange companions for our exhibition booth?

IZ Production can take care of all the arrangements.
We are able to arrange receptionist, presentation MC, companions and or other staffs.
We are also able to arrange pre-auditions and or paper screenings of your booth staffs according to your request and budget.

Q5: We like to distribute our novelty goods at exhibition, is it possible…?

We can prepare various kinds of novelties within your budget from the novelty you present to contract signers to simple give away goods you hand over to booth visitors.
We are able to prepare your company’s original goods and print your company name/logo on the novelties. In such case, we like to receive your order at least one month prior to exhibition.

Q6: We want our panel and handbill for exhibition, is it possible…?

We have good reputation in production of “sales promotion tool” including display panel, handbill or catalogue which our clients distributes to booth visitors. 
Our professional staffs can help you from basic design and layout up to final printing.

Q7: What will happen to our booth after exhibition, will it be abandoned?

It is possible to keep it and use again at your next exhibition.
All your displays, stands, signboards, furniture you have ordered could be either taken back with you or we can keep it at our warehouse until your next exhibition.